All Hands On is a not for profit company, registered in Scotland, and limited by guarantee. Our articles of association include an asset lock.

Our purpose is to help people imagine and embrace radically better democracy. We do this through documentary films and multimedia journalism. Our stories show how ordinary citizens - randomly selected and in a conducive environment for deliberation - deliver excellent political outcomes.

We make our films freely available to people and organisations wishing to promote or organise well-intentioned and well-structured Citizens’ Assemblies.

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We are Patrick Chalmers and Phil Adams. Patrick is a journalist, author and film-maker. Phil has 30 years of experience in advertising, digital marketing and communications strategy. We both believe that impending planetary doom is a systemic issue, requiring radical new approaches to economics, the media and democratic process.

Where the money comes from

Our films are funded by grants, commissions and individual donations.

We are deeply grateful to newDemocracy Foundation, Guerrilla Foundation, and La Fondation Pour Les Générations Futures for grants received to date.

We are deeply touched that various individuals have been moved to help the cause out of their own pockets.

How we work

We make friends at the same time as making films.

We put great emphasis on respect, empathy, fairness and transparency.

When Citizens Assemble

Our pilot film - When Citizens Assemble - tells the story of Ireland’s Citizens’ Assembly and how it succeeded, where politicians had repeatedly failed, in breaking the deadlock around the country’s controversial and divisive abortion legislation.

Welcome To The Rebellion

Welcome To The Rebellion was commissioned by Extinction Rebellion. It explains their Beyond Politics demand, which calls for a Citizens’ Assembly to determine and dictate policy on climate breakdown.


Our second film for Extinction Rebellion, The Deliberate Rebellion, goes into more detail on the organisation’s purpose and strategy, and examines in more detail the demand for a Citizens’ Assembly on the climate and ecological emergency.