"Democracy should be an expression of the will of the people."



All Hands On is a document of record. Our films shine a light on contemporary examples of radical democracy from around the world. For our purposes, radical means a return to the first principles of true democracy, as practised by the ancient Athenians. Demos (citizens of a nation) and Kratos (power) -  radical democracy is about power truly being in the hands of the people.


All Hands On is not allied or associated with any political cause. We believe in giving political power back to the people. We promote participatory democracy. And we are in favour of random selection (sortition) as a means to deliver representative government. We are concerned with truly democratic means rather than specific political ends.


Across nine episodes we shall demonstrate that ordinary citizens, properly informed and with time and space to deliberate, are capable of smart, sensible government. Indeed, these citizen assemblies and public juries often deliver beneficial outcomes where traditional politics has failed. True democracy is about the pursuit of progress rather than the maintenance of power.

We are in pre-production for Episode 2, which will be shot in Athens.

Episode 1 (Pilot film) - When Citizens Assemble

The Irish Citizens' Assembly, chosen by lot, addresses the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution, which, in its current form, is a de facto ban on abortion. The film is embedded on our home page. Funding for this film was kindly provided by Australia's newDEMOCRACY Foundation.

Episode 2 (Prologue) - Democracy, Oligarchy, Anarchy

This film will be shot in Athens, the home of people-powered democracy. Academics, politicians and citizens show and tell the past, present and future of democracy. In the process it will become apparent that the system which we suffer in democracy's name is a far cry from democracy as it was intended to be.

Episode 3 - participatory democracy at a city level

From the Netherlands and/or France. Showcasing the lottery selection processes and the work of the G1000 town meetings in the Netherlands and/or France's Conseil Citoyen.

Episode 4 - state level policy juries

Lottery selection in action at a state level in Australia. Public juries selected to deliberate on single, specific policy issues.

Episode 5 - healthy democracy

Randomly selected policy juries as a permanent addition to existing elected government. State level participatory democracy in the USA, featuring Oregon's Healthy Democracy.

Episode 6 - house of lots

From Brussels, investigating the potential for citizen participation to improve government at an EU level.

Episode 7 - school lotteries

Randomly selected school councils managed by Bolivia's Democracy In Practice. Whetting the appetite of adolescents for radical democracy whilst delivering better governance and better outcomes for schools.

Episode 8 - Flatpack Democracy

Independents For Frome won all 17 seats in the 2017 council elections in Frome, England. This film will look at the Flatpack Democracy philosophy of Peter Macfadyen, who has been both Mayor and the Leader of Frome Town Council, and his commitment to active, citizen democracy initiatives.

Episode 9 - the renaissance of radical democracy

Assessing the potential for public juries at a local, national and global level. A second chamber in Scotland chosen by lot? A global public jury to address climate change?