Helping people imagine radically better democracy

All Hands On is a not for profit organisation whose purpose is to help people imagine and embrace radically better democracy. We do this through documentary films and multimedia journalism. Our stories show how ordinary citizens - randomly selected and in a conducive environment for deliberation - deliver excellent political outcomes.

Letting go involves grief

Our work is challenging. People struggle to contemplate anything better than the system they already have. Voting in elections is seen as a human right and a badge of identity. Letting go and moving on involves real grief. We citizens have a perverse Stockholm Syndrome relationship with a system that is doing us harm. Radical democracy is a David of innovation pitted against the Goliath of inertia.

People are really good at this

We are ambitious. We want to open the minds and stir the imagination of ordinary people. Radical democracy, in the form of mini-publics and citizen assemblies, is a hot topic in political innovation circles. But it is easy to get bogged down in the technical language associated with process and governance. Sortition is a turn-on for deliberative democracy nerds, but it means nothing to the man or woman on the street. Our stories focus on people rather than process. We are really good at democracy when we get our hands back on.

When Citizens Assemble

Our pilot film - When Citizens Assemble - tells the story of Ireland’s Citizens’ Assembly and how it succeeded, where politicians had repeatedly failed, in breaking the deadlock around the country’s controversial and divisive abortion legislation.

Welcome To The Rebellion

Welcome To The Rebellion explains the third demand of Extinction Rebellion, who commissioned the film. The Beyond Politics demand calls for a Citizens’ Assembly to determine and dictate government policy on climate breakdown.