Films about ordinary people doing radical democracy.

These are desperate times for democracy. Elections and referendums are bitterly divisive. Our political systems are tribal, corrupt, and entirely unfit for the most urgent issues of our time.

All Hands On tells stories that offer some hope and inspiration to counter the despair.

There is a radical, alternative form of democracy. It is truly representative. It gives agency to ordinary citizens. It is about making progress rather than seizing power. And it is driven by listening and empathy rather than conflict.

The principles of radical democracy are direct citizen involvement, random selection and well informed, well facilitated deliberation. The most common forums for these processes are citizens’ assemblies and citizen juries.

Our films show radical democracy in action. They show that we citizens deliver excellent outcomes on even the most complex political issues. And they show how we citizens are transformed in the process.

We make our films freely available, under a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license, to people and organisations who aim to organise or promote sortition-based, deliberative democracy.


Our most recent films