Patrick's interview for the Reinventing Democracy YouTube channel.

It's great sometimes to pause for a moment and reflect on how you've got to where you are. That chance came up for our All Hands On project during a catch up between Patrick and Andy Paice, a London-based democracy activist, vlogger, coach and meditator. They talked about Patrick’s book, Fraudcast News, a critique of conventional journalism and politics, and how its ideas and conclusions evolved into the All Hands On project.

On a personal level, the conversation allowed Patrick to ponder aloud on where his own journalism had got going, back in the 1990s, as a Reuters staff reporter in Brussels, before taking various unexpected turns en route to the present day. That included discovering ideas of solutions-oriented journalism - as practiced and promoted by the likes of the Solutions Journalism Network - and the radical political reform ideas embodied by one of All Hands On's founding partners The newDemocracy Foundation.

Others whose work has influenced the journey, include the authors David Van Reybrouck and Roslyn Fuller, not to mention the inspiring elections hack that is Frome's Flatpack Democracy.

There was plenty more - sorry, you'll have to watch or listen to it - but we'd highlight one last item - the April 23 film screening and Q+A event at London's Newspeak House. You can still get tickets here. Enjoy.


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